Monday, December 7, 2009

Referral Widget for Community Blogs

In response to requests from our customers, RentMineOnline is pleased to announce the launch of a new referral widget for blogs. Communities and property management companies can add this widget to their blogs by pasting in a simple piece of html code.

The widgets display :
  • the number of residents who have referred a community
  • the current reward for new referrals
  • a link taking residents to the RentMineOnline referral process
Using the RentMineOnline referral tool, residents can invite friends to their community using the social networks of their choice - including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and email.

This widget is provided to all companies and communities running resident referral campaigns through RentMineOnline.

We would love to hear from any property managers or marketing managers who are interested in running online referral campaigns. Please visit our website for more information, or contact us at


sean579 said...
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magnevahey said...

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